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4 august 2012


I can't cry in silence
I can't cry in crowds
Even when I'm dying
Not a tear in my eye sprouts

Maybe I am broken
Need to be repaired
because I lack emotion
Honestly nothings there

Apathetic smile's
Apathetic laughs
Maybe If I give it awhile
What's missing will come back

Wandering through life
Yes I do exist
I take up room, and act polite
but somewhere I just quit

At least when you have hope
You have a glimmer of light
I've never been this low
Not one tear in my eye

I might as well be dead
I might as well just go
I could only care less
At least that I really know

but if you see my love
Tell him that I tried
and when he starts to shrug
save him so he is not like I

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