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6 july 2012

Crazy Connection

Water turns from hot to cold
Heart pounding in my chest
Feelings mixed, both new and old
Can't we forget the rest?
Eyes watering from too bright lights
... I cannot see where you have gone
With or without those many fights
I'm afraid I can't move on
Like a tattoo onto my brain
You're forever a part of me
Don't you get there's nothing to gain
By pretending that you can't see
we have a connection so pure and rare
Wars have been fought to obtain
Those around us can't help but stare
As they wither in lonely pain
They curse us and hate us
But the truth is deep inside
They contain an envy so venomous
That in shame they run and hide
Only a love as deep as ours
Could create such feelings in others
I could try to explain for hours
But like children who ignore their mothers
I'm afraid that you can't hear me
You're so lost in stubborn ways
Don't give up this life of glee
For lonely nights and days
Fights happen everywhere
Between people of love
But the connection that we share
could rise beyond and above
So come sit, and I'll show you
How our fates are intertwined
Those who have felt this are few
So pause and let's rewind
To the day that we first met
The first time our gazes connected
We didn't know it yet
But our destiny was redirected
Our fate is to never be apart
To be together until the end
I know this in my heart
For its brokenness only you can mend.

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