9 july 2012

Perhaps (July, 2002)

perhaps there's no hindrance
between the rich and poor
rather unity
and things will have it's own cure

perhaps amidst obstacles
we'll learn to smile
no frown faces
or burdened even for awhile

perhaps there's no tears
like heavy falling rain
merely tears of joy
but never because of pain

perhaps no terrorists
won't go that far
still they'll choose peace
instead of war

perhaps cripple, deaf or mute
will be fairly treated
if beyond imperfections
they are accepted

perhaps some won't be greedy
for fame, money, or glory
because he's contented
and never feels sorry

perhaps no orphan or beggar
who will wander here and there
if their own family learned
to give them proper shelter

perhaps in earth
there's no flood, famine or pollution
if only each respects
all our master's creations

if we only learn..

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