1 march 2012

1 march 2012, thursday ( Where Is The Justice? )

When considering that the majority, the common people, dutifully go
about their mundane life performing meager jobs, for meager pay,
responsibly pay their taxes and the rest put to survive frugally each
day, have become victims. Then, through no fault of their own, save for
having chosen to elect inept public officials who, through their own
ignorance or corrupt manipulation, allow others, obviously wiser and
mischievously corrupt, to drain the public treasury to the severe
detriment of the same common people. Then, to add insult to injury, the
same inept government officials turn to the common people advocating
they must endure hardship to re-establish the depleted treasury, to
restore programs of civility and healthy economy. All the while these
same officials retain their high-paid salaries and entitlements
including lucrative pension benefits should they chose out of shame, to
retreat into retirement. And, as for the welfare corporate state,
primarily responsible for the failure of the state’s economy, either
direct or indirectly, too, are able to sustain their lucrative and
quality, standard of living.
Heaven forbid that the common people should make their discontent
known by demonstrating in the public streets that their life’s hardship
financed into existence. To be confronted brutally by legions of
shielded, armed riot police all of whom too are well compensated by
those whom they beat back with hardwood batons and liters of pepper
One has to ask:Where is the fairness of justice in this civil, social system?
The severe financial crisis that permeates nations globally which
elected governments must be held directly accountable to have let
materialize through a myriad of rational reason, must come to understand
that unlike prior instances of similar civil malaise, the common people
being more educated and informed are less tolerant then in the past.
They must take notice that unless significant measures are taken to
reverse the tidal flow of benefit from those responsible for
perpetrating and prospering from the ills of our times, the `Let them
eat cake
’ philosophy of old will once again render a corresponding but
more vicious and sustained uprising.
The threshold of tolerance of the hardworking majority, the 99
percent, is close to being transgressed and what potentially lies
awaiting beyond its border, at all expense, will be mercilessly
dispensed. The blind bravery of common people has historically been
witnessed in past, worldly events; the bonding element having been to
the welfare of all. The same element of resolve will undoubtedly
manifest should the adverse austere conditions presently being imposed
on the majority by the one-percent, and the governments that protect
them and,  it will not relent.
‘When and where all hope is lost – there is no hope to loose.’

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