Naykd Poet

Naykd Poet, 11 august 2012

10 august 2012, friday ( IMAGINATION )

My mind is full of useless thoughts yet thoughts I feel compelled to express.  I am not clear on the motivation to do such however; I still feel the compulsion to do so.  Frustration in this is derived from the want for such expression to be with depth of meaning and not simply a compiled verbiage (... więcej)

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Naykd Poet

Naykd Poet, 1 march 2012

1 march 2012, thursday ( Where Is The Justice? )

When considering that the majority, the common people, dutifully go
about their mundane life performing meager jobs, for meager pay,
responsibly pay their taxes and the rest put to survive frugally each
day, have become victims. Then, through no fault of their own, save for
having chosen to elect (... więcej)

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Naykd Poet

Naykd Poet, 30 january 2012

30 january 2012, monday ( Truth: Fact To Reality - Prawdy: Fakt To Reality )

The complication that arises from having too much idle time coupled with a curious and inquisitive mind and an Internet access, is the opportunity to garner knowledge that leads to a better understanding, comprehension of the reality that encompasses humanity. A reality of knowing that we, all of humanity, (... więcej)

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Naykd Poet

Naykd Poet, 20 january 2012

25 october 2011, tuesday ( Transcript To Dismay )

Well here I go again:

Reaching yet another milestone in the arduous journey that is this life lived, I again realize the pointlessness to my existence. (No I am not feeling sorry for myself)

This realization if you were to read prior writings, is not a new phenomena and that is precisely the point (... więcej)

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