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17 february 2020

A Day In The Life Of Jacob

Even though it rises every day
somewhere, someplace in time.
On a day in the life of Jacob
the sun doesn’t often shine.
A shopping centre is bright and loud
and Jacob is sitting on the ground.
With his head buried in his hands
sensory overload of sight and sound.
People notice as he begins to shout
his Mother scared he’ll run away.  
Some think he’s badly behaved
but for him it’s just an Autism day.   
Later he escapes to his room
stressed and needing time alone. 
A meltdown at dinner hasn’t helped
but he’s calmer now, on his own.
Playing at length on his old guitar 
takes his mind to another place.     
Where the demons in his head       
for a while are not in his face.    
Eventually he takes to his bed
and will rise, as soon as it’s light.
Probably won’t have much to eat
appetite dulled by a restless night.
People around him struggle to help
he tries to cope in his own way.
On a day in the life of Jacob
it’s always an Autism day.
But he deserves a chance in life
and we must strive to find a way.
For children like him, with future fears
to be able to seize the day.

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