5 january 2012

5 january 2012, thursday ( A Bun in the Oven )

The sweet buns of my childhood....are they still there? My mornings cheered up on days a piece of soft bun replaced the bread, normal breakfast menu. The soft sweet lump of bun often dabbed with butter simply melted in my mouth...what a delightful treat it was! Sometimes a loaf of bun found its way in my school tiffin box to make an interesting menu - bun with aloor dam (potato curry), yet another sweet and salty treat! I can't recollect when this sweet little food ceased to be a part of my food but it can't be less than nearly four decades since I last tasted it. I'm pretty sure even if I find myself and eat one now, it would bring me anything other than disappointment.
p.s. A bun in the oven - a phrase meaning "pregnant"

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