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James., 18 december 2011


I see the world 
And the people it holds
I see the passion within there souls

I, am alone 

I see the couples holding Hands
Expressing they're love, with every chance

I am alone 

I see the smiles, I see the glee 
I see my pain, I see my grief 
I am, alone

But she couldn't see that
She saw a man 
And without a word she grabbed my hand 
I am.. 

No, she whispered 
With two fingers pressed against her soft rosy red lips 
You, are free.

And just like that with a stroke of her hand 
Her garnets on the floor and us on the bed
We were free

It was my first time making love to an angel 
With her hands on my head and my lips on her navel 
We were free

Like one, our bodies moved to rhythm 
Swaying back and forth while screaming FREEDOM!
Haha yes we, were free

Until the morning as I rolled over to see a note lying on the corner reading, "remember you are free"

...I, am, alone.

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James., 14 december 2011


Now before you read this
I would like to just warn
That this poem was writin
By a heart that's bin torn
And broken into pieces
Smashed into bits
That's never bin excepted
A size that never fit
But still was in search
For something far greater
Than someone to just love
Someone to just cater
For someone to just care for
Someone to just trust
Cause this heart has seen it all
And has no means for lust
It's twisted and demented
And all bent out of shape
And it hates to see evil
So it's eyes covered with tape
For it feels it all around
It's sorrounded by the dark
Shadows creeping up on it
Its Simply waiting for a spark
So if you ever find a match
With a heart just as mine
Please, come and get me
For I know there isn't time
Cause this heart, see it scares me
With the things it might do
If it's broken one more time
And it's falling, over you

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