29 august 2018

Once upon a mind in a work of art

'Let's make ma angel...' said God one day;
'...a piece of heaven for mortal eyes.
She'll save a soul that's gone astray,
guide it back home, through darkest skies."

And there on a dot, somewere in space,
God put an angel, the cutest thing.
And all the life was so amazed, 
'she's like a jewel in crown of kings.'

Out of the blue, she stands in my door;
like piece of Eden, stunning, and proud.
Set heart on fire, its very core;
'is this a dream, am i aloud

to feel this love and even more,
to find my peace in heavens arms;
to see my life in amber stones,
to care for her untill i die?

This mirracle in no mans land,
where people love each others hate,
is what i fight for couse i stand
behind what's beautiful and great.

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