11 january 2019

Creamy Dream!

Suddenly a knock,
Snatches my attention,
Fast, from me, to you
Standing, smiling, at my door
Looking mesmerizingly beautiful
And with your heavenly voice;
Your call out my lame name
And to my feet, erect I rise
Ready to devour you like rice
Thirstily to you I move, slowly,
Pulling you to me, sensually
Until am one with you, completely
Lost in your lovely eyes
I kiss your wet lips, caress your neck,
While my big warm hands,
walk from your ears to your back
 Gently writing on you;
desires, needs and wants
silently, the door shuts
Skirt, bra and pants, bulletly fall
To the power of our butterfly union
And as we pleasurely moan
Warmly disappearing in each other
The alarm rudely goes off
And am alone again

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