11 december 2011

Oars for memory 's boat!

Returns  to the life 
The old pain
Onbthe table the lemon do masturbation
And I am lost by parting of the roads 
When the old pain
Returns to the life
I must remember
Hey my father!
How was nice days?!..
Whenmy grand father was old tree
As guide for another trees
I remember when I was child
You were catching my hand by your softy hand
Saying stories with your cigarettes
I was disappeared in your fume stories
Are you still smoking ?!
My soul is ashtray secrets
Now I smoke too and say for beauty girls :
Heymy heart!
Ah how I like girls perfume
Forgive me
We are as moon take our light form sunny sky
Forgive me mom
How much you hate smoking
Now in Abu Dhabi I distribute papers to customers about world cup
And with all my pain
I must smile for their
I must sung for their
Even if he does not respect me ..
Ah world.. is it a forks ball..
I remember yes my mother
Are you still thinking about our future
And crying when they say my name
I would ask you about Anas
Anas still coming to our home
And smoking on the road hiding from his father
How was good days !
Whywhen we grow up the sadness increase too
Is it sky building the sadness  build ?!
Increasing  increasing
Why always we say how we  were happy? why?..
Hey my mother!
Are you still watching tv series and ask my sister about what happing?
Hey my sister!
Are you still read books about beauty and save young
And cheat your self by mirror
All mirror is rainbow
All river  is  Loir Discover
the real by throwing  one rock
Hey my sweetheart !
You will come back to me
You will
When you remember me
You like star bright so far
But you disappeared in sunny sky
For every one shine ..
Hey my country!
How I miss you
Do you remember how I burn between your arms
Are your love is killer!
Alas! Even if my country  shameful moon
The foreign sun does not burn us ..
Woe memory ..
Ithink made by sponge to  pull all the
Heymemory 's boats ..take me ..take
By: Nouzad Jaadan

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