10 december 2011

homeless dreams

by:Nouzad Jaadan

In theparting of roads
The old pain remembers the lights of streets
When Islept under a dark shawl
Counted the stars as hypnotized
Used rubbish as my pillow
And talked to a homeless dog
Hey, fellow! We walk by the restaurants just to feel the smell
Everyday they kick us in our backs
I am like you but there is one difference
I have emotions and you don’t
I am human and you’re an animal
I walk without a track
This is my journey
The lights are turned off and the city is asleep
Except for me
I sit with my silence
My silence increases very quickly
Hey,human! I am like you
Myfate is like a star in the shiny sky
 That day I dreamed without sleeping
I saw my country
The sun stood in my face
Like a cross in a church
Like a mosque
Are these dreams guilty?
I sang the losers’ song
On our day of mourning
When we left the country
Night kohl dyed the crescent black
We took a strange route to a beach
The sea was a traitor
The anchors in the sand came and went
Losing us
Wicked sand, oh, wicked!
A hill appeared nearby
The sight of a road with a red carpet was
Incredible, my friend
The eyes, often lying,
Asked dreams about it
Ask the night for any type of suppression model
Reaching for a string of cloth
We wear dreams as dresses without sleeves
Above the knee
Shameful dresses, shameful!
I believe in these homeless dreams
Hey, my friends! Accept me as a weak light
By your side in a dark night

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