Passionate Moments Inspire Sentimental Lyrics

Passionate Moments Inspire Sentimental Lyrics

This book is a dedication to love of laughter, heartache, and the truth that reflection can heal your life. We live in a time of many issues and great decisions need to be made. Many of us struggle while suffering from choices of the past and uncertainty with our future. This uncertainty leads us down a weary path. This journey is not the ending, but only the beginning of a more positive change than we've ever witnessed before. Each poem written in this book reflects on different aspects of life and the realities we all face. These poems carry you through the very sense of touch, through the precious moments that laughter brings together many from one background to another. To the sense of heartache that we all must feel from time to time, letting us know that we are alive and breathing. And last but not least, reflection which we need to quiet the mind, body, and purify the soul. Together, we can inspire one another to be more positive for a better tomorrow. This book celebrates life and the ongoing love. Let's travel this journey of self-discovery together. The only path to follow is straight ahead!

ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781615463107

publisher: Publisher: Publish America

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Goldie-I am buying your book. Great job.....Kahlia

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