Taking a Journey into a World, though the Eyes of a Poet

Taking a Journey into a World, though the Eyes of a Poet

This book is about the joys and pains of living while looking at life from someone else's point of view. It touches your heartstrings and leaves you with a view of life through the eyes of a poet. You might find this book very helpful. Just about anyone can relate to it. It reveals what people deal with in their lives. There are poems of love, loss and depression, as well as poems about awareness of living. You will love this book or hate it, but you won't be able to ignore it. So come and take this journey with me!

ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781604743753

publisher: Publisher: Publish America

year: 0

where can you buy?: Any leading book store online and offline is where this book can be found.

internet store: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/taking-a-journey-into-a-world-through-the-eyes-of-a-poet-goldie-lopez/1013413212?ean=9781604743753

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