Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 24 march 2013

~ Camouflage ~

Looking through old photos
 which reminds me of you.
I can’t help but notice...
 you’re appearance seems aloof.
A strong man of wisdom
 who captures integrity
But this I assume
High expectations, shattered dreams
 the real you... is like camouflage to me.
I’m like a hunter
Looking for prey
Though you seem wild with fury
Looks don’t always pay
My mind keeps pondering
Are you what I think?
A heartless hurter, a midnight thrive
Chasing woman to feed a need
Though with a twist
A thought crosses my mind
This is what I perceive inside
Maybe… you are fragile, gentle and shy
Scared of influences from shadows pasted
  Misunderstood, vulnerable you’d be
afraid to let time occur with me
 the wrath of fear reeks, grasping our virgin love
 Warped memories steal your attention
 as the present remains unchanged
wondering eyes lead me back to…
past failures clinging to roads so gloom.
 Rambling words assuming you’d heed
No issues should stop you’re appearing to me
No deception or fear
No pain I declare
No drama insight
Babe, this moment is right
So take me by the hand…
come follow me through.
I promise I won’t do what others done to you..!
But in the present things are still the same
Caught in the a cycle of self inflicted pain
 I ponder to myself, “Am I the one to blame?”
I’m head over heels for a man I can’t obtain
All I want is you… yet I can’t see
Why is the real you
Like camouflage to me?

Written by,
Goldie D. Lopez 

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 12 march 2013

~ Love ~

Food for thought...
~ We all inspire to know LOVE, understand LOVE, and give LOVE. But we won't fully receive it until we learn to love ourselves, by accepting our FLAWS, MISTAKES, and the VALLEY'S we find our selves in within the present. Only than we'll come to accept other peoples short comings.
It's easy to judge someone else, down them and tare them apart, rather than to help BUILD them, BELIEVE in them and tell them that their BEAUTIFUL... Once we fully open our hearts and forgive ourselves... than we can open that door to transform FEAR and NEGATIVITY into = LOVE!! ~ 

Written By,

Goldie D. Lopez

{ This was written for someone I held very close to my heart, but the way he saw life and the things within it wasn't of a clear mind. It was tainted and blurred, not seeing the truth within things, he would rather see it be good or bad in disillusionment. }


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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 12 march 2013

~ Lover's Plea ~

Warm golden honey at rest
Lay upon my chest
Telling me what you think I want to hear
Giving me your best
But I have to say
I heard it all before
Your sweet talk can't give me
The freedom that I dream
Yes, my body
May crave your sweet wet kisses
There sensuous with delight
But when late night comes
You won’t be here to hold me tight
My breast craves your caress
A whimsical affect between the midnight hours lure
   lovers in love, who want another night
Creepin through the window shines the lucent moonlit
But for this reason I feel nothing but sorrow
For you leave me alone and lonely
  feeling my love you borrow
While you go back to your family
   they don’t even know my name
Where you once crept in between my breast to slumber
Laying your hands where the light from the shadows dwell
  around the curve’s of my seductive figure
And you ask me to move
   the fleshy coat that is protecting
     the one thing that shouldn't be broken... my heart!
Goldie D. Lopez

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 4 march 2013

~ Rose ~

Gentle petals velvet feel
Colors mix with luminous steal
Giving away beauty, a priceless thrill
 A bud of a flower...
thorn covered stem,
what was the meaning of loving man than?
Entwine with pleasure, fueled with pain,
the ecstasy of beauty is like a pulsing vain.
Soft silky petals, sweet aromas dance
Blossoming embrace, hidden chance
Smile formed expressions
Starlit moon, none other could be mesmerizing as you
 Enhanced intentions, fragrance of love

Though there is none greater beauty,
than a efflorescent bud.
Written by,
Goldie Lopez

{ You know I find myself always writing poems like this. I was wondering what kind of poetry is it? I'm writing poetry that tells a story with adding just a few words or using words to describe, yet are unrelated to the actual poem, though still connects to it. }

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 29 november 2012

~ Haters ~

These mother f**kin HATERS..!
Come creeping, than fleeing
 hating, than portraying…!
Loving me without reasons
Try to walk a mile within my shoes
 Headed for greatness
Had them singing the blues
My determination, will never be shaken
 beaten, battered, broken or busied
The strength of my will keeps achieving
 TKO is what you'll be receiving
still stuck in single-mind ways.
Your a damn shame,
stop playing childish games!
Take a bow…
 no ones listening, I say with a smile.
 You've just been concluded
Hating is what you’re doing
Because the wiser I’ve grown
 The farther I’ve gone
Your negativity never did last long
You made me stronger
My heart pounds harder
 I spit my words fluently,
you can't even comprehend
This battle you could never win
I stand taller
I’ve gotten you open…
under your skin.
Like Katt Williams B***h,
play your position
And do your mother f**kin job
Keep Hating..!

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 26 november 2012

~ Garbage ~

You have me at your disposal…
like garbage being tossed aside.
With a fowl heart you stroked rebellious pride.
Cleaning out your closet tossed aside I lay,
toyed with my emotions…
  no longer your prey.
Like junk hurled into the garbage,
worn out object, no longer in use.
Leaving, looking through waterfall blues,
facing a lonesome gloom.
No longer spoken, broken hearted reflects me.
Conjuring love…
though never for keeps.
Again I’m like your garbage…
thrown away like autumns leaves.
You’ve loved me, than left me filled with regrets,
 not one responses... did I ever get.
How love can use, mislead and abuse,
such a tender fragile soul?
So much time wasted, only you controlled.
You’ve concluded this story,
near the ending of the book.
 Looking back now... all I see
  is garbage chucked, of nameless old things.
Throwing a diamond within rubble, amongst falling debris.

Goldie. Lopez

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 26 october 2012

~ Glass Heart ~

Gentle fingers of vivid dreams...
master at avoiding things.
Surprised to see another day,
but still live in disarray.

Uninterrupted a prisoner of the past.
Makes you feel so special holding a piece of glass.
Beauty to you is untouched,
Its purity... made by man.
Hidden scars beneath peeled skin...
mute to hear the screams within.

Tears of something lost, dying in your eyes,
sticks forms your castle...
built in the sky.

Still never learnt yet lesson...
chasing lies and ruined dreams.
Broken hearts reflect the cost... of unworthy things!

What is stable, decaying within...
holding a piece of glass makes you whole again.
no one  see’s your pain,
or problematic life...
blaming the world for your mistakes
Take responsibility, carry some of the weight.

Ignorance is golden...
for a fool who loves gold.
Or builds with sticks instead of stones.
When will you learn to follow,
the guidance of the spirit within?
When listening is worth so much more,
than broken glass shattered...
 from an afflicted soul.

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 25 september 2012

~ Barely Existent ~

Old yesterdays and the newness of today
Harbors the rekindled love we knew
Fragile tender lover, the calling of our hearts collide
Breathing deeply into one another
Though we’ve forgotten why we made amends
Looking back into our existence where the passing of time remains

How did we find each other, yet the cycle remains unchanged?
The intoxicating energy of loves first bliss
Now seems weathered, distant and missed
A man of many faces, changing with the winds that blow 
Between your sheets words bleed…
attacking my wounds persistently
Breathtaking you’ve had me… Just by the stare you gave
no I can’t pretend, I wont surrender
for you’re my defeat and I the avenger

So heartless lover, why do you keep your love from me
you were like no other,
and the meaning of the stand-still eludes me  
in the moment of cunning twisted words, I uncovered
Esoteric motives... built the very essence of our walls
A powerful elixir of passionate love and lust
The beauty of what we shared now is dust
Remnants remain, though eclipsed it seems
Wanting more… than what is seen

How fickle situations can be
Surround me lover, within your arms I seek
A tender cover of compassionate murder of what used to be
Hearing nothing more, than the faint rhythmic sound of your heart beat.
We were once together
 But now…. were barely existent

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 25 september 2012

~ Blade ~

The kids see the pain
Of broken hearted shame
Can’t handle this situation
Whose the one to blame?
Your bleeding from the blade
In which you hold
Trying to keep love alive
Is what you told…
Without letting go
Holding to tight
Holding to tight
Something isn’t right…
So vulnerable
We all see you’re hurting
With expressions masked by a smile
Living with this deception
Feeling unsafe when you’re around
We’ve made history
With plenty of love and good laughs
We've battled disappointments,
And saw happiness flow,
while failure crippled the harmony we once sowed 
So a blade you hold within your hand
Your kids see you, but don’t understand
You’re a man!
A father…
A  friend…
My confidant
So your throat you want to cut
Suicide is the final… front.
Not caring what your family has to say…
Were all affected the same way
Giving up, watch it go away
The kids see you, but don’t understand
They just don’t understand…
That their daddy is only… A man!

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Goldie Lopez

Goldie Lopez, 29 august 2012

~ Inspired By A Dream ~

I rest in a state of suspended consciousness.
I am aware of all things,
around me, beneath me and above.
I relate to many and often make them dream.
I tell them to never give up...
though it looks harder than it seems.
 A smile of confidence, eye's eager to explore
I'm a body of achievement,
with a mind to pursue.
I am a dreamer who dreams...
and one that makes them come true!

I wont walk away if things aren't right.
I'm a firm believer, fight for what's right.
I stand with integrity, for knowledge is a mere force,
and sincerity is always my second choice.
I'm a dreamer who dreams...
  one that's not afraid to stand alone.
I have chosen the road, I've traveled on...
Fear holds no purpose, for my foundation is pure
Faith is at the beginning for a leader...
who's at the start.
Only following the footprints within the human heart.
Inspired to dream, no matter what the cost...
starting the vision is the harder part.

I am a person who dreams...
the coolest of all sunsets,
with the highest of seas.
My destiny evokes the spirit,
it's prewritten in stone.
And only the Angels know,
when I'll be called back home.
The reason is inspiration...
with desire in the air.
As the light of passion burns within my soul...
Igniting, all those dreams I have yet to know!

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