20 february 2016

Hello :)

The first time I saw her my heart started pounding
She was waiting by the hall; I stopped breathing
Don't know what to say In my mind I was screaming
Who is this beautiful girl? I must be dreaming

The oppurtunities I try to make to try and talk to you
Asking for a band-aid and waiting at the canteen queue
I tried to speak, but my words outside they flew
Better luck next time boy someday you will break through

Like a sunflower always facing the sun
I sit around lunch waiting for the one
Eating slowly waiting for her to be done
Just glancing at her; oh I've already won

So I finally got her name from someone I know
Better send a friend request right now amigo
Will she accept it? I don't know maybe tomorrow
2 weeks passed by and you finally did; so I typed "Hello :)"  

-C. Tagle

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