4 february 2013

3 february 2013, sunday ( Finally WELL-YEAH..... )

I am officially well........My meds are working, I am over the flu and I am back to work........life is good and getting better.  I could be in a mood over something but GOD has everything under control.  I am happy, have food, a house and everything I need...I have no complaints.  I LOVE my new job.  It is really cool to work with preemie babies, less than a pound usually.  Some of them are so small you can hold them in one hand....but not a good idea.  I am kind of glad I am not flying anymore-it was very stressful and LONG hours.  Anyway, I wrote one poem....enough for tonight.  Back to the Super Bowl game.........It is the end of the 4th quarter!!!!!!! 

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