21 december 2012

21 december 2012, friday ( The Hospital )

My Neurologist just called and told me he is admitting me to the hospital after the holidays......he does not like the fact that the meds are not controlling my partial seizures.  He said my MRI showed lesions in the Temporal lobe. In layman's terms....temples.  He said he might refer me to a neurosurgeon while I am in to see if they can be removed as I am a good candidate.  I am frightened as I know what that means.  As an R.N. it is scary to even go in the hospital because I know TOO much.  Also it is sudden and unexpected BUT something has to be done.  I will pray about it and I am sure it will work out however GOD wants it to.
It seems when all things seem lost the LORD is the only answer, at least for me........
I will be going in the hospital in January, they will call me with the day after Christmas.  I probably will be calmer by then.  I am calmer even now as I have writtten this.  Writing does that for me.

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