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21 april 2020

"What is Right"

I guess I never thought about... all the reasons why...
Or the circumstance created.. that can make good people lie,
I couldn't see beyond my walls... I could only see my needs...
But the truth is that we all hurt and everybody bleeds,
Life is more than living... it's learning as you go...
It's taking someone by the hand... and teaching what you know,
It's about growing far beyond... what we think we understand...
And letting go finite thoughts... that have always held back man,
It's learning how to speak the truth... and learning to forgive...
Knowing that we're all the same... with just one life to live,
It's learning to be humble... to share with those in need...
To always stand for "what is right"... and never to concede,
To know that you are not alone... our needs are all the same...
Your my brother, she's my sister... we just have different names,     
There is always strength in numbers... so when despair comes into view...
Just know that when united... there's nothing we can't do...

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