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30 may 2019

"Never Will"

When you walked out last night.. my heart hit the floor..
I've never felt so empty.. as I watched you close the door,
If you could see my heart.. or the river that I've cried..
Then you might understand the pain.. from you that I must hide,
I can't burden your broken heart.. because my hearts broken too..
And I can't look into your eyes.. and say that "I love you",
I know that you don't feel the same.. I know you never will..
But as long as you still have knowone.. use me at your will,
For I'd take any part of you.. I know you'll soon be gone..
But you don't have to be alone.. in the darkness before dawn,
Together is less "lonely".. and together we are strong..
I just want to kill the pain.. thats been hurting for so long,
You don't have to promise me.. a thing before you go..
You don't even have to speak.. for I already know,
You only have to let me show.. I can take the pain away..
If only for a little while..  keep lonelyness at bey,

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