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30 may 2019

"Just A Fool"

Do you know how much it hurts inside.. when you turn and walk away..
My heart screams out.. "Please Don't Go".. but the words I just can't say,
I cried a river of tears for you.. a river that overflows..
And I'm washed away in sorrow..  for I don't want you to go,
Life is a lonely illusion.. if there's no one who stands by your side..
And its easy to come to conclusions.. about all the tears that you've cried,
I've got no reason to be here.. if there's no one who cares but me..
And I'm just a fool for putting you.. somewhere you don't want to be,
This heart is so tired and lonely.. I just wanted to be close to you..
To share something special together.. I could take, that would carry me through,
I'm sorry my friend.. I've failed you.. I couldn't convince you to see..
Everything I've tried to show .. comes from love that's inside of me,
I see you as someone so special.. its the reason I feel like I do?
But my heart never stood a chance.. when it came to just loving you.

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