21 march 2012

21 march 2012, wednesday ( A few days ago... )

Okay, so a few days ago this guy is texting me, my exs best friend. Now me and him had a day together and that's how things got all screwed up. That day was 15 days ago and it's stuck in my head. Now he had lied to me saying he didn't have a girlfriend and everything else and this weekend he was saying he wanted me, he really likes me. I have a boyfriend now and I was telling him no and that he had his chance bacause i had told him how i felt after that day... I had felt something for him, something I couldn't place. Now I know I'm young and everything but I know when I feel something. My ex, well at the time when that day happened I wasn't over him. He ended up finding out what had happened and it ruined what I thought could be. The thing is I don't regret it and I guess because if I hadn't had that one time with his best friend, I wouldn't have realized that it was possible for me to move on because now I have someone else.

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