6 march 2012



Winter morning
pliers hollow term
empty as a glove
unshackled from the hands
visibly intertwined
with the topic in the light,
after flying flock ob black crows, exciting detected,
not promising,
you go to the dust
my old
once loved roads –
divided in the distance
perceived in the body…
Start date
opens the door,
stepping in it
pale lips
the bites of silence
wide open pupils
run from an hour to an hour
to delight the evening –
gold-plated counterfeit;
morning the wisdom of the day
degree of degrees,
increasingly away,
as cuts, wounds
never healed in my flesh.

Milena Sušnik Falle – Slovenia
(pesniška zbirka TEMPUS FUGIT-Čas beži)
nagrajena pesem v Angliji 2009, objavljena v svetovnem zborniku...)

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