9 july 2012

Mother's Touch (August 15 2002)

you brought me here with no regret
under consequence of life and death
you showered me a love so much
the real meaning of mother’s touch

but destiny brought catastrophe
when father left you, all us three
he never visited nor care to call
and from your toils alone you raised us all

we rarely agree on certain things
sometimes share same understanding
in my achievements you’re often proud
you’re my savior from the crowd

honestly, i fear to loose you
though time will come, i know it’ll do
because i owe to repay your hardworks for me
that's to trade anything to make you happy

and thru this poem i confess
i thank God for all His greatness
and that from the heart and mind of a daughter
there could only be one loving mother 

(i composed this poem for my mother, and gave it as my gift on her 53rd birthday)

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Tribhawan Kaul,  

Mothers are great enjoying no recess in life. Nice write.

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thanks.. God bless all the mother in the world!!!

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