27 june 2012

Eye of the Beholder

We question our halo but never our horns
The rose sheds its petals but never its thorns
A word that's profound does not make a sound
Closed-eye visions are redesigning the ground
Placing blame at the feet of belief
Racing with shame, pain and grief
The word was stolen by the ruler and the liar
Fables were written in the pit of the fire
Spoken tales of fear from behind a podium
Chaotic verses that cause spiritual pandemonium
Frocks for the friars
Stocks for the buyers
Begging evil for a piece of its root
Chewing on flesh and neglecting the fruit
Truth is embedded in the minds of the forgotten
Sin is spit out because the taste is rotten
Slamming the door shut on the emotions we feel
Opening the idea that none of this is real
Afraid of death when it's merely a departure
Your walls are the target and I am the Archer
Led to the brink of extermination
Red in the face from the hostile determination
The end of your reign is coming and you know it
Leave this Earth and let us regrow it
At the mercy of the darkness of night
Descending out of reach of the Child of light

Original poem by Tucker James Edward

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