27 june 2012


Following footprints to a place I've never been
I wouldn't let anybody accompany me this time
The door is open but the exit may not reveal itself
Dark corridors leave what's beyond to my imagination
Carrying with me a stare that made the Devil look away

Creation of my own protection
In the center of chaos
My bread-crumb trail has been eaten
The clock I wind hasn't any numbers
I could once taste your name in the water
Before the bitterness was added

Crumbling stones hold illegible etchings
Specific dates now forgotten
Lighting the torch only illuminates the snake pit
There is no safe way across
Paralyzing venom waits for the fangs to strike
Spiders cling to webs in the corners
Every victim is an unsuspecting one

The rock ceiling above me is caving in
Stalactites penetrate my filthy skin
Permanent scars remind me of where I've been
Head first into a wall I thought I'd already seen
If I don't make it out, leave me
Things are as they should be

Angels sit back and watch me slowly die
I feel confusion stepping across my thoughts
Causing a sort of migraine headache
I've got to sit down and pull myself together again somehow
After being torn apart again
Dear God please......
Wait. Never mind
This is between Death and I

Original poem by Tucker James Edward

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