17 december 2015

Dream Deer

Why did we meet?
Was it chance or timing?
That morning you tried to trot
through the crosshairs of my headlights
before you bounded off in flight.
First time,
naïve to this side of things,

rewinding my life into slow motion,

like a zen koan.
No thought
of future or past,
contradiction or contrast.
Just awareness,
that didn’t expect,
only hoped……I
Diving off the road,
the wheel
with a will of its own,

directed my fate
on this blind date
with destiny.
Between real
and fantasy;
like a dove,
I was Dr. Strangelove
racing toward destruction,
Not knowing....
where I might land.
Sand colliding,
my ride bucking,
runaway flashing lights,
stage of mind
in siren fright.
No door opened
to welcome me in.

It was just me,
rolling down that hill,
coming to a
stand still.
Strapped upside down,
in wheels spinning round.
I’ve watched the sun rise again,
but since then, it's been unclear.
Is it you,
breathing new life into these dreams?

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