26 march 2013


I have seen a rainbow
in a small drop of dew
and a flight to freedom
in an abandoned shoe
and in a beggar's face
I have, O God, seen You.

I have heard the dawn break
as the morning greets us
and the despairing cry
of an aborting fœtus
and in words of comfort 
does Your kind voice exists.

I have felt the trembling
of those who fear the night
and the hope created
by a flickering light
Your gentle touch, O God
brings my soul full delight.

I have smelled the nectar
in tall stems of flowers
and the cool refreshment
of the gentle showers
the fragrance of your love
sweetens, O God, my hours.

I have tasted goodness
of unselfish givers
and the sweetest waters
of free-flowing rivers
Your grace, O loving God,
let me taste divine bliss.

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

David, I feel like I have been to your poem....Beautiful and insightful.......Kahlia

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David de la Croes,  

Thank you Kahlia. You might have seen it in a different version which I've written on other poetry sites. I believe that one of the important aspects of human existence is the ability to be sensitive...

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No words.....

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