27 march 2012

27 march 2012, tuesday ( title )

Today has been a day. Today I cooked steak. Best steak anyone's ever made. Hooray.
I am sitting in my room at 1:35 am, wondering if there's any point staying on this site, participating. I feel the desire, on occasion, to legitimately participate.
I wonder if I have ADD. If I would benefit from a little Prozac? Or maybe I should just stop thinking, caring. Have they figured out how to bottle drive and ambition yet? I'd buy.
I can't stand inertia. I can't stand the painfully bad blurry fuzz of guitar a downstairs shitty roomate apparently calls "metal" and "music."
It is now 1:50. Took me 15 miniutes to write from here back to the start.

Here's a Haiku I wrote a week ago.

Ode to treeplanting
Oh how I love your money
Well then, that is all

And another. Also about treeplanting.

Four days on, one off
Drink and fun 'til you forget
Damnit, shouldn't have.


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