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14 january 2012

14 january 2012, saturday ( Plain Jane )

Plain Jane
Fukk Tarzan!! Can U dew it??

Just plain ol' jane, the self as significant as that name-

Queen of the jungle muther fuckers-

Holy shit!"That' s lame!"

Manipulated pathetic pawn--

to disregard and shit upon-

to participate in your game, inexperienced and very naive,

Might add addlebrained,

Dim whitted and xtremely gullable,good for nada

Can't even satisfy my man.

Apparently I have selective hearing too or I just Cant Understand ..

Normal Thinking,

This CUNT can

Perhaps I misunderstood when
He said he loved me

and needed me

and that would see us thru..

Because now I stand alone

He doesn't aknowledge me

there's nothing to see,

I guess he must have been talking to that damn chimpanzee.

A fool I was then and apparently still now

-I need to forget him , erase him somehow.

No questions asked, I believed all his lies

Its the truth I question

love turns to despise

Seems he could have went about it differently,

if he'd only wanted to get laid.

I seek escape,

to feel a touch thats REAL,

My need

my want,

his lies,

his front.

I' m getting no where,

I need to get over..

I simply have to replace him as lover.....

Can you be for me what I was to him ?

sex me into extacy and

make his memory pass?

For to him I am nothing

but a forgettable piece of ass...

yours for the taking,

take me

and fukk me till Im sore,

love me ,

abuse me

fukk me like a whore,

and after you have shot your load

get up,

get dressed and get out the door,

tell me you dont hate me

and maybe I wont love him n-e-more,...

Another forgotten piece of ass.....

By krptdnacnce, © 2007, All rights reserved.
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