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12 december 2011

11 december 2011, sunday ( Why? )

Dear Diary,
Why? For such a small word, it is so complexed.Why me? Why you? I could spend forever serching, looking for the right answer. An answer that stops my questioning. An answer that means something, anything. Diary, tell me why everything does'nt make any sense. Why everything just swirls in my head, creating a pit of nonsense. I don't understand why everthing means somthing different to everyone else. Why can't I see the "big picture". Tell me Diary, Why does it hurt?

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maybe the answer is as simple as the question is. which is to say that it isn't always going to be the simplest thing to look for, but it's always there.

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Craig H. Stewart,  

the beauty of life is not knowing, if we knew everything, we wouldnt be human, to love and to hurt is to grow, and only by growing do we come to peace and understanding. :)

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