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20 march 2019

In A Little While

In a little while
Today will be tonight
There will be darkness
Where before there was light.
In a little while
It will be tomorrow
Bringing us unexpected things
Perhaps of joy, maybe sorrow.
In a little while
This year will be last
As weeks becomes months
 years become centuries so fast
In a little while
The weather will turn hot
Global warming they tell us
that’s the weather we’ve got.
In a little while
a job became a career
Not what I had planned
But better than I feared
In a little while
My children will be grown
Growing up way too fast
having children of their own.
In a little while
My old joints will get stiff
And raising my tired old head
Is all I’ll be able to lift
In a little while
My brown hair will turn gray
Maybe distinguished salt and pepper
or it might just fall away.
In a little while
My parents will be gone
Both my Mother and Father
facing life on my own.
In a little while
My mind will start to fail
And memories will vanish
Fading like fog on the dale.
In a little while
As time marches on
On a day only God knows
I will be gone………………..in a little while.
RDavenport 2019 ©

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