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18 september 2012

My Poetry

My poetry has taken me far and be on
when i was a kid
i had nobody to look up to
only but God
and my mom is another person who joined the fight
the fight for my freedom
so i can carry on
carry on the legacy
just like how track runners still carry the paton
see when i was 12
i had no self-esteem
My dad made me feel like i needed him to breath
i needed to attend to everyone of his needs
cleaning and sweeping under his feet
like a slave that had no reason for living
but it took me 4 years to realize that
i must attend to my own needs
so i started to write poetry
i felt like I had found the cure to my heart disease
so as i write my life in a poetic rhyme
spittin out my pain
going down memory lane
but see it wasn't clear like seeing a yellow brick road
this was a road that had so much to indoor
for my soul was permannently scarred for life
but i still push on hard throught life
But now i'm done with my self reflection tantrum
see i'm 18 now with my head raised up high
letting you know how to get around
the troubles that the world brings to you guys
and the lies they try to hide
see i realize that the world doesn't surround
just me
it surrounds everybody
for this world got more hatred then a
double stuffed vegetable pot pie
Like the gang banging in the streets
see you don't have to be a thug
for a bullet to go through your lungs
you don't have to be a thug to
get jumped while doing a grocery run
don't you see
we are the next generation
you know deep down in side
you have the burning sensation
plus the key to create
a well stand up nation
so can't you see
we need to put down the gaks
tell that trigger finger and hate level
to relax
so the government can't hold us back
behind their visible wire wall of law
For we are the next generation
we are like Hiroshima ticking time bombs
waiting to go off
all you need to do is
just set your mind right
get your life straight
because poetry
Thats what i serve on my diner plate

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