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Karissa, 31 stycznia 2012


Shes sitting there
Alone inside.
Where is the world?
She wants to hide.

Anguish fills,
Her tear soaked eyes.
Sitting there
She does not cry.

A hidden fear
Upon her lips.
A broken dream,
To reminiss.

A cry for help,
From beneath her soul.
Blood falls from
Her gapping hole.

A silent mutter,
Escapes her lips.
A hopeless lie,
Her heart it rips.

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Karissa, 14 grudnia 2011


Im tierd of the pain,
helpless as i cry.
Falling to the floor,
crippled as i die.

I dont want to remember,
so i let it fade away.
But trapped inside are lies,
of the things i cannot say.

Walking through my life,
in a daze i cannot see.
Maybe they are all right,
maybe were not meant to be.

Do you realy love me,
or am i just insane.
Will we stay together,
or will it bring just more pain.

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Karissa, 14 grudnia 2011

What do you do

When everything else fails,
what do you do.
Or when relationships never last,
and everyone gives up on you.

When everyone hates you,
what can you say.
Or when you cry everynight,
hoping not to wake up the next day.

When hiding the pain,
means cutting your wrist.
Or when fighting the urge,
means pounding your fists.

When no one's there,
whenever you fall.
Or when your all alone,
you lose it all.

What do you do,
when your faith fades away.
And what do you do when,
you know nothing will ever be okay.

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Karissa, 14 grudnia 2011

Wilting Rose

She's a broken image
In a shattered mirror.
She's a figment of a happy lie,
Just waiting for her life to be clearer.

She's a lost smile
Among broken dreams.
In a nightmare called life,
With nothing but venomous screams.

She's a disapointment,
To all of those who know her.
She tries to bring pride,
But as to how she's unsure.

She's a portrayal of a sin,
To much to bare.
A solution to an evil,
Without a care.

She's a withering rose,
With bloody black thorns.
Waiting for an absolution,
That will never come.

So why does she live,
When so eager to die?
Why should she care?
Why should she try?

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Karissa, 8 grudnia 2011

Day Of Reckoning

Welcome to our day of reckoning,
As the demons roam and fly.
Look at the pandemonium,
The fire in the sky.

As your set aflame,
Does money even matter?
While houses fall around you,
And glass begins to shatter.

As the air is filled with smoke,
Do you smell the burning flesh?
The sinners and the innocent,
Everyones damned to death.

So sing a song of woe,
As angels shed a tear.
Tell the world goodbye,
The end is finally here.

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Karissa, 8 grudnia 2011


Why cant i do anything right,
I hurt so bad i cry myself to sleep everynight.
In a relationship, friends or at home,
In the end i always feel im alone.

The hurtfull things that you say,
All my unanswered prayers, with my faith fading away.
Tearstained eyes, with blood dried wrists,
You thought you read my life like a book, but in between the lines are the things You missed.

One day were happy, the next theres a fight,
I'm always wrong because you made yourself the judge of whose right.

At days end i want to live no longer,
As i grow weak you seem to grow even stronger.
I want to scream, as you start to yell,
Hoping one day to get out of this hell.

I cry even harder as i walk through the rain,
Wondering why i am cursed with such horrible pain.
I watch my blood, watch it run down,
Quietly as it falls to the ground.

So many words with no one to hear,
A thousand and one, in just one little tear.
I want to feel numb so i dont have to fear,
That every day ill live the same nightmare.

As i close my eyes, i throw my life out the door,
I lock it away so i wont have to be sore.
As i fall asleep, i say my good-bye,
Hoping this time ill finally die.

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Karissa, 8 grudnia 2011


Take my hand dear angel,
and lead me from this place.
Guide me from this darkness,
I'm ready to leave without a trace.

Erase all the memories,
Memories of people I thought I knew.
Take me from this world,
Take me somewhere new.

I trust in you my angel,
To make the pain go away.
Wipe away my tears dear angel,
Come with me and pray.

Sing a mournful tune,
And guide me to eternal rest.
Lay deaths kiss upon me angel,
I didn't pass life's test.

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