29 june 2012

Place to hide

a place where no one knows
no one passes me around...
Place where no one identify
no one
no one even i dnt no myself
place to hide myself
a place to cage my self...
I need one now...
Need to role off tears behind
my eyes are burning.....a rage to embrace myself
a place to hide my self
a place wide so i can ran myself
to smash my head
to tear it apart......where Your memories live inside..
A place, a dead hive... To get buried alive..
Its all start up again
no word to express love hidden in ribcage
that i wanna breach
plz no mercy against myself
what you thought
or not
but you are over me......opening my wounds
with drager of words
 To startel me.
aNd am crying to clean my life with no mercy
that you always did to make hurt
i need place
a place to hide myslf
place to get died where your thousnd memories in my mind is mo.. more alive.
Just a place to cage my self...
A rage to let it go...as mercy to SELF..

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