27 june 2012

Only Reminds Me Of You

Seeing you beside me, 
Is staying in a place where I wanted to be.

But I know its just a dream that im having, 
a dream that keeps on destructing my mind when I was sleeping.

I used to cry, 
when I remember how I said 'IM OKAY'
while tears are falling from my eye.

I didn't repent that I've loved you, 
though in such you let go.

Now im trying not to do, 
those things that can reminds me of you.

But how could I avoid those things, 
that once made me happy because of you.

Everytime im writing a poem, 
you exist in my mind.

am i doing a right step in moving on? 
or im just crucifying myself by holding on? 

all the things that I do, 
only reminds me of you. 

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