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15 december 2011

Imperfect Perfections

perfect imperfections
My thoughta feelings and insecurities,
A poem if you will,
Truth is true even if you lie to yourself
It is Truth styll-
Right if you allow it to be
Solution like needs to be
And my questions, perceptions and unresolved issues
Of whats with you and me

Perfect reflection of an imperfect collection
Perfect is a lie
The truth is you and I
Is there no happy medium?
The choice is but to choose between yelling or silence?
Negative attention or no attention??
Supercharged or no charge at all??
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line
And the ability to keep a distance right next to me you have mastered just fine.
I don’t understand any of it at all…
Tyme continues to move on, we continue but not together, we just exist
Independently of one another, alternating ownership of an attraction meant to resist
Silence is by far better than the fight…I never get to choose,
silence when you want it to be and argument when Im right
And in the shadowed existence and distorted visions of what love is meant to be…
Lies the imperfect reflection of dysfunctional life-
The truth is YOU and Me
The unresolved issues, necessary but silenced words, put off for later consequently never heard.
Inflicted hurts, ignored wounds-like baggage perfectly packed
Fear prevents my bringing them up again-
Afraid of how you will react
Stuffed by silence instilled by fear
Why am I alone in this
When you are right here??
I question
Both myself and you
Im the only one who answers
I go out there you come in here
I come here
You stay there
I go there
You come here
Then leave me here
You go
You come back
But not to me,,,
How do you really?
And is it because...?? > I FEEL
The only answers I get,
Your actions directions and silence
the only answer you have given me yet…

You're content
If you are not why not make it clear
I am alone but you are near
Again I answer myself
I shed a tear
Alone as if you were never here
I go to you
You come at me
Backpedal -retreat -
Backwards defeat
Turn it around upside down
it repeats
I am here
Without you…
You have walked away
Mad angry ?? Nothing to say??
Same shit nother day
But another day has come

you by yourself

and me? I am Done…

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