4 december 2011

Poets Dreams

Pray dream of wondrous places where inspiration grows on trees
And jangles ever more in a soft warm scented breeze
Where all of us that ever once paused to write
Will find some inspiration accosts us in the night
When dreams portray through swirling mists
The true passions of a lovers kiss
And so can bring more than prose to those
Who strain to see up on their tip toes
The wonders of a new bloomed rose
That's growing there behind the wall
We couldnt climb when we were small...

Sweet dreams I sanction for all who scribe
Those who create must not be denied
A vision from whence they cast new scenes
Painted in rhyme from those eery dreams
Take sustenance and candles long
Behold the words that flow upon
The parchment, screen or paper pad
With quill or type or pen we're glad
To find the steady pass of time
Does not our spirits undermine
As long as ever we may sit and write
For all our days and flicker filled nights

February 6th 2009

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