Derrick Andrews
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8 december 2011

Cautious, Sturdy, Domineering, Trustworthy, Enduring, Focused.

Let us re-adjust now, to the temperature of the water, 
Let us re-assure ourselves that this is the path, 
Let us construct a strong shelter, like the calm, cool otter, 
Composed only of items we cherish of our past.

Let no wind sway us, like the delicate breeze, 
To a majestic palm tree, 
Let no consequence of our action, incite any grief, 
For you or for me.

Let us don our distinct apparel, 
Let us guide this ship bravely, 
Through both the calm and the peril, 
And still push onward gravely, 

By your side I will stay, 
Parrying all who attempt to strike us, 
As we battle out this fray, 
No rambunctious foe will smite us.

We are formiddable together, 
And as such we shall remain, 
Through disastrous, stormy weather, 
And constant, inner pain.

Let no blood-lust of clans, 
No interference of others, 
Interrupt our plans, 
To become fated lovers.

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