9 december 2011

Natures Lost, And Broken Oath

As the sky cried its tears of blood.
The dirt below my head washed me away.

The one last kiss that would never bleed.
And I loved to look down at her cloudy sway.

There could never be another heartbeat like it.
An openly Splayed Chest, to bear none else.

With every absurd shard, Its been tampered.
To which all shrapnel have chased, and crushed.

Burnt by Broken, and withered dreams.
Cultured from old soggy winter climes.

And I rake my hair with the trees.
Simple splinters too cracked to bind.

All the hurt pours to a river that floods.
Making that trampled, unforgiving day.

While not sprouting from my seed.
And as I keep in mind to not give way. 

I come to know the flame you once lit.
But even now my iceberge melts.

I wished so much that you wouldn't have faultered
This broken oath would steal my rib, leave me brused

The weight of a stare could split my seams
Then i forged my own little lies

Yet why do I shake my leaves.
 I supose I hope for my wings to let me fly.

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