6 december 2011

Cloudy Minds

Dark clouds bring storms
Like the human mind brings wars

Born in hate we
Must learn to love

Our hearts eroded by life’s
Lies but what’s truth anyways

In our hopes and dreams
We find greed and lust

And Hate fills the most peaceful Man
Till He gains his desires or loses his life.

The human error is
Humans are an error

The Problem to be solved
Where’s the answer.

Our minds, Cloudy
Like a dark stormy Day
We Rain upon the earth and she is dieing
Crying, Bleeding, Screaming, Get off
But human nature says never give up
We fight back, she dies

We fallow
Like a parasite following the host
To the end, when will we learn?

To help and not to hurt,
To love, and not to hate
To give, and not to take

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