28 october 2013

27 october 2013, sunday ( Life truly sucks )

I am struggling with life. I need a job, like I want to do something with my life. Why does life seem to be so hard. I can't seem to find what I need to survive in the present lifetime. Life sometimes trult sucks.

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Jonathan Fix,  

Sometimes it is a matter of viewing the world from a different point of view. Not getting a job, being unable to act as you please... for every view there is a opposite one. When I feel this way, as I often do at time... I give myself a different view, and I work with it. I don't believe our local government is doing a good job... so I find out more about why that is, who is trying to be elected. Life is a crossroads Brittany, and no matter which road you choose... you will always have a choice.

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I don't know what to choose. i feel like every time i choose its the wrong one.

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