9 november 2015


(Dedicated to a very dear person)

I will never speak to you in the past tense! You know that, right? Even when I know you're there, beyond, you will feel your presence next to me, the most important piece of my heart will not accept that they will. And will rebel against your absence, will bump the wall until my palms not put blood ... No one and nothing can take you away from me. Your friendship is more valuable than all the wealth, much of the most sublime love because it is without transition, it is not affected by time and material constants.
Picture. Film. Beach. Waves. Breeze. Sand. I always think about it when you're next to me. Saying "me" does not differentiate whether you just think about or are literally next to each other - it is important that in my heart. To go back to the images. They are like a film that begins with a single shot. The beach, gloomy sky and I there, and you opposite - as relentless waves caring as the breeze and everywhere like tiny grains of sand. It's you: a boundless freedom, the only one that I really indulged. The only one to which I fully disclosed, not feel a sense of fear or hesitation. So often present in my dreams that sometimes lose track what is dream and what is reality. But I am sure of one thing - you are true! Unreal are stereotypes of a sick society, but anyway we do not excite wink emoticon even come a time when fate decides to end your days, I will boldly confronts her and definitely she would say: "Do not play He stays here! "And indeed will stay regardless of where you - on this side or beyond - you remain in me like a shadow of the heart, such as air - user needs.
Darkness. Sun. Silence. Mystery. Smile. Friend. After darkness comes light always, gave birth to a new day full of life from the sun. I am on this side, and you're beyond ... or vice versa, is not quite clear. Both silent. Why? What mystery is this ... or not ... It is more than your subtle smile as always dressed in that its mystery and its way slowly blinks. Like you say, "Relax, my friend! Fear not, my brother, I'm here and will not leave :) "But dare you wake up, I feel so very cold, I feel so lonely, because your place is empty, and only a moment ago was here. I am beyond your side ... but it's so tiring! Where are you,
Michelle? There you rainy days? And friends like me find it? Do you think you and for me sometimes? Do you cry as I do? I'm tired! And so I want it any other way, so I want to wake up to go to the small park near you, where normally you wait and see, that they will, but once whispered: "Where are you, Michael?" You to show behind me and say: "Here I am, my brother ... I'm always here!"

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