6 march 2013

6 march 2013, wednesday ( Do you truly know what love is? )

  Now days you seem to always see everyone saying I love you. But to me that is just a word anyone can say to that each other not knowing how much power that 3 simplicity of that word can affect a person. When I tell someone I love you I mean it dearly from the heart. What I think of love is not by the person appearance. To love is to be patient and understanding with each other. To have.communication. To be longing to crave a kiss or just touch from that person to hold them and not wanting  them to not let you go. To love is to want see person happiness and they wanting the same for you. If that person loses their appearance that got you attracted to them take the looks away would you still love them for them. To love is not be ashamed of the person your with because of race or age or gender or their culture background or cause their family and friends disapprove of your love. And love is one of most difficult thing we most all face. Love is a 50/50 relationship if that person you say you love is coming half way you must be willing to try to meet half way. Love can't just be sex and lust either but companionship, loyalty, fidelity, honesty, trust, communication, caring, and overall happiness. But now days we don't seem to get that we seem to whine saying we want love then when you get that person then seem to change and end up hurting that person that you once love. And cause of this is the purpose marriages do not seem to last because their are many envious of what you have and what for themselves so they come in way to break your love. But if you said you truly love each other than you must fight to sustain that love. And for those out there who ruin a relationship out their just know that what you did will come back to you like said you reap what you sew. And those who have been hurt by that person you love keep your head up and keep positive and don't give up cause god will give you that person that will love you and make your never happily ever after to become a happily ever after, after all just have to be patient and have faith that love actually exist in this world and don't let anyone discourage you. I know I'm not discourage and still looking for my soul mate I can spend my life with and truly love.

                                                                                  ~ Fatmata Kaikai

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