30 march 2013

30 march 2013, saturday ( Only Today )

I feel better today, this morning......my freind and I are OK.
Sometimes you assume something and it really is not what you thought it was
I wish I did not have abandonment issues, but after everything that has happened with my family...it is something of a work in progress.  I miss my daily chats with my freind but it will all work out.  It might just take awhile.  Today is a good day.....Hope everyone has a great day as well.......Kahlia

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nice Kahlia, sorry that i try beinning english as pharao:))))but I will cut some words, you know short means more:)))) "this morning" out "it was" out, I miss my daily chats, but it will work out"I know that I know nothing, sorry Kahlia, but be short:))))))greatings:)))))

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Your english is getting much better.....Kahlia

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