2 november 2012

2 november 2012, friday ( Seizures )

I have been having this thing called partial siezures where my eyes are involved.  They are very scary and I am having a lot of testing done this coming week.  At least before the holidays.  I want to get something done about them as they affect my writing sometimes.  I am writing a book and haven't been able to contribute much to it lately.  I know that it will all turn out the wy it is supposed to but things seem to always just get you at once.  
I have decided not to vote as I cannot make up my mind who to vote for.  I lean towoard Pres. Obama but I am not sure about too much of anything right now.  My neurologist told me the seizures can affesct my thinking sometimes , so much for the election.  I will wait until after the testrs on the 6th and 8th.

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