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4 july 2012

The Ocean's love

my bare feet feel
the pulsing of the earth
the heartbeat of the world
dark green foliage
this path of dirt
the bright sun beaming
down on me
through the leaves
as i explore
so wondrous
so free

the pathway opens up
into a soft sanded beach 
a magnificent ocean captures me
in light blue, turquoise,
like smiling eyes it
speaks of joy
so complete, so full
in rhythmic ebb and flow, 
i feel the waves
come and go
the mystery of
indigo surfacing
the depths, the width
the breadth - the wide expanse
so powerfully

rushing forth 
i cannot help but
dive into the deep
both warm and cool
the sun shines through
so beautiful, so clean 
i feel the water breathe
it's living fluid into me
through my skin, my eyes, my hair
it's frequency reaches my core
as it goes

emerging onto the ground
my skin still tingling
the salt tastes good
and i am cleansed
the water now a part of me 

i then bask
in the warm sand
embraced by the yellow sun
the ocean laughing,
singing, dancing
has penetrated my very being
my essence now one
with it's love 

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