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28 april 2022

The Truth Of Reasons Why

What is it about you.. that draws me close to you...
That keeps you in my thoughts.. no matter what I do,
That won't let me forget.. what it was we shared...
That won't let me forget.. you never really cared,
Why is it that my heart breaks.. each time I hear your name...
And nothing in my life.. without you is the same,
The seasons of my life.. have brought the autum leaves...
Still, everytime you touch me.. I can barely breath,
What keeps me holding on.. to dreams just out of reach...
Or won't let me stop pounding.. on walls I'll never breach,
Why can't I just let go.. and watch you walk away...
For nothing in my world.. could ever make you stay,
Why is "love" the one thing.. that no one can control...
And still the only thing.. that makes a person whole,
Why can't my heart accept.. "the truth, of reasons why"...
And learn to say hello again.. each time I say goodbye.

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