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9 may 2020

"I Keep Holding On"

I keep holding on for love... that I know will never be...
Unless you look beyond this body... to what's inside of me,
I don't think I'm like anyone... that you've ever known before...
But you'll never see what's inside me.. if you stand behind the door,
You always leave me breathless.. God, what's a man to do...
For I can barely breathe at all.. when you walk into the room,
I'll lie here in the darkness.. calling out your name...
But nothing in this world.. could make you feel the same,
Just one chance to touch you.. as the fire rages on...
Completely out of my control.. until the breaking dawn,
I know just where I stand... but my heart will not let go...
Tell me what's a man to do.. with love that he can't show,
My heart won't set me free.. no matter what I do..
It's holding on for love.. because it belongs to you...

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