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8 may 2020

"Great Divide"

Do you know how hard it is for me.. to lay it on the line...
To look you in the eyes and know... the only feeling's "mine",
To tell you what I feel for you.. and what I dream about...
To risk it all.. for the truth.. and let there be no doubt,
Did you know that every time you pass... I can't look away...
As the world around me disappears... when you look at me that way,
Did you know that I would walk through fire.. just to stand with you...
Knowing you don't care at all... but in my heart .. I Do,
Your eyes are like blue diamonds... even stars can not compare...
And I'd walk a thousand miles more... if I knew that you'd be there,
All of this for just one chance... to feel you by my side...
To take your hand and look at you... to cross the great divide,
On my knees and through my tears... if it's what I had to do...
I'd give my life without regret... and I'd do it all for you.

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